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Featured on CNN Airport Networks, VERSASTICK® is the perfect piece of fitness equipment for anyone who travels.

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"Who would have thought that resistance bands would demand attention like this? VersaStick is amazing, every workout is different."
Michael Leers, Trainer
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"I can't stand hotel gyms, so I brought it on a business trip. I snapped the bar together in seconds and banged out a 10-minute workout without leaving my room"
Women's Health Magazine
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With more than 2½ hours
worth of content

  • Instruction on exercises
  • 6 different resistance workouts
  • A 33 minute intensive Cardio/Resistance Program.

It's like having your

own personal trainer!

VERSASTICK® Complete Gym

  • More than 120 Exercises

  • 3 different levels of tubing

  • Only weighs 3 pounds

  • Portable enough to go anywhere

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Simple - Even without prior knowledge on how to build muscle or develop a personal exercise program, VersaStick makes it safe and simple to do.

Versatile - This is the ultimate piece of fitness gear that will replace all other home gyms.

Portable - VersaStick is an invaluable piece of home gym equipment that also replaces the old resistance bands that many people travel with.

Core Stability - A strong core is a key result of the best home gyms, its not just about toning abs.

Balance - Other exercise machines don't let the body learn to correct their own imbalances in the way VersaStick does.

Compound Movements - Resistance training using multi-joint movements really help in building muscle.

Value - For the cost of a piece of discount fitness equipment you can own a high quality home gym.

VersaStick is more than just a simple piece of exercise equipment.  It is designed for anyone to use safely and effectively, whether they are in rehabilitation from a car accident or a bodybuilder using it as the mainstay of his resistance training  program in order to build muscle.  It differs from all other forms of resistance band exercises and resistance bands themselves by its ability to balance the body with bilateral movements and a great range of continual resistance.  At the same time VersaStick differs from all other home gyms by weighing less than a pair of athletic shoes and being totally portable, while at the same time offering over 120 home gym exercises.  Other pieces of home fitness equipment come and go as new materials, angles and ranges of motion are developed, but VersaStick combines the old and new together in order to make personal home fitness easy to do, but never outdated or unproductive.  There is no way to overlook the value of VersaStick, one of the best home gyms that you don't have to leave at home.

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