Everybody struggles with imbalance.  Whether you are aware of it or not, we all have a strong side and a weak side.  Most cannot write with both hands, swing a golf club the opposite way or even balance on one leg as well as the other.  One of the muscles is stronger or dominant over the other whether it is in your arms, legs, or part of your core.  Think of the leg you put first when starting to run, or the one you jump off of every time.  There is a fact that in America we sit on the left hand side of the car and have to rotate much further to the right to see our blind spots.  This repetitive movement creates a much stronger and flexible right side of our core if we do nothing else for toning abs.  Many times the cause of low back pain comes from an imbalance front to back of the abdominal and lower back core muscles. 

VersaStick can greatly help with balance by providing a means for bilateral movement over unilateral movement.  This is especially important when starting or returning to resistance training programs.  Although most home fitness programs and/or commercial workout equipment at health clubs do not confront this fact.  It breaks down to this.  If you work each side individually whether it be with dumbbells or by means of regular handled resistance band exercises, the weaker side cannot catch up to the stronger one.  Although they both get stronger, there is an imbalance. Even larger more costly exercise machines such as Bowflex and Total Gym primarily provide unilateral training.  While there are benefits to unilateral exercises, these mostly deal with sports specific needs and physical rehabilitation.  Bilateral movements provide the basis for almost every compound exercise and these are needed to provide an efficient fat burning home workout. 

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